Muc-Off One Shot Anti-Viral Grenade 150ml


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This mini but mighty Muc-Off Anti-Viral ONE-SHOT grenade comes in a compact 150ml spray which can sanitise entire rooms and vehicle interiors in one single shot. The grenade is easily activated in a single ‘spray and go’ use and is proven to be a highly powerful measure against bacteria and enveloped viruses.

Simply activate the ONE SHOT and after a few minutes, its entire contents will be released and getting straight to work, killing 99.99% of bacteria plus enveloped viruses.

The ONE SHOT grenade is highly versatile and can be used in vehicles, offices, retail outlets and homes. Whilst the formula is tough on bacteria and enveloped viruses, it is safe on surfaces and has been tested to the EN14476 standard against enveloped viruses.

Key Features
• Fast & Effective sanitisation
• Kills 99.99% of bacteria
• Quick to use – dispenses can in under 3 minutes
• O-zone friendly
• Long Lasting protection and fragrance
• Vegetarian friendly
• Product not tested on animals

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